The bases of the Premium Online Coaching Service are a custom meal plan and training program template. All plans will be tailored to the individual to improve effectiveness and adherence. If necessary, cardio programming will be provided. Every week you will receive correspondence from me with feedback on your meal and training templates. Technique coaching is available, just send me a video of your set, and I will respond ASAP with queues and advice. There are many lifestyle factors that can influence your training and nutrition, these will be taken into account in the programming process. All questions pertaining to your program can be sent to my email. I will usually respond within one day.


Optimal meal and training programs are highly individual. There are many factors that influence a person’s program. Commitment level is assessed. Putting on muscle before summer doesn’t require near the meticulosity of a bodybuilding contest prep. Nutrition can be strict down to the meal, or as flexible as ad libitum dieting. Previous experience is taken into account. Programming will be simpler for people who have not tracked meals or workouts in the past.

The more advanced the trainee, the more you must pay attention to detail. All related lifestyle factors will be taken into account, including time availability, sleep/wake cycles, preferred training time, stress level, and activity level.


To apply for the Premium Online Coaching Service, fill an application form below. Pricing is $200 for the first month, then $150 reoccurring monthly.


If your application is accepted, a video call will be scheduled to clarify information before I begin writing your program. Upon completion of the call, I will email your programming within 5 business days. As mentioned previously, you have unlimited communication available to me via email. Weekly 1-hour phone or video calls are also available at no extra charge.


Note I do not do any olympic weightlifting coaching.

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