The Zoom Based Coaching service is a one-hour video call, used to gather information to create a nutrition and/or training programmed based on your specific lifestyle, training experience, and commitment level. You will receive your program(s) within one week of completing our call.  After receiving your program you will have 2 weeks of unlimited contact with me to modify the plan as necessary. You can also request other information such as recovery advice, dealing with stress, planning bulk/cut cycles, and supplementation. If you don't know whether or not your questions fit my expertise, send me an email containing the subjects you would like to discuss. If I don't have an answer for you, I will let you know.


Technique coaching is also available through our Zoom call, given time availability. Please have the videos uploaded as unlisted on YouTube and send them to me prior to our call so I can review them beforehand.


To request Zoom Call Coaching, fill an application form below. Pricing is $80.


If your application is accepted, a video call will be scheduled to clarify information before I begin writing your program. Upon completion of the call, I will email your programming within 5 business days. As mentioned previously, you have unlimited communication available to me via email.


Note I do not do any olympic weightlifting coaching.

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